DJ eXperience® is a DJ in Gaithersburg, MD 20878

DJ eXperience® offers DJ Services in Gaithersburg, MD. I have been a DJ since 1986 and recently bought a trademark for my DJ name to take it to the next level. I specialize in small gatherings and private events and have experience as a wedding DJ, special event DJ, and a corporate DJ, as opposed to nightclubs or large outdoor venues.

I offer a very modern way of entertainment at an event. With DJ eXperience®, your mixes are streamable files. I can be your private event DJ that will show up and play songs after mixing them based on your song list or making one based on your guest type. I can provide you an app you can use to play them in my absence for intimate private events. All mixes are very customizable to whatever list of songs you prefer. I mix them, you enjoy.

I am prompt, professional, and play family-friendly music, which is appropriate for weddings or family gatherings and play music without explicit lyrics. I also offer streaming mixes. I have made mixes that you can listen to so you can have an idea of the quality.

Our DJ business is Award-winning as of 2020. We're innovative and have attracted International attention for what we do. See how streaming DJs make private parties or weddings incredibly intimate and we bring our equipment.

To listen to my mixes, click the button below, or call me at DJ eXperience® today!

What Makes Me Proud
  • Experienced DJ
  • High-Quality Mixes
  • In Business Since 1986
  • Professional
Locations Served
  • Gaithersburg, MD